Tidying Projects

Tidy means livable and lovable!

“When I applied the KonMari method to my closet I was able to eliminate at least 50% of my clothing. That part was very satisfying, but the real joy was realizing that suddenly my wardrobe options seemed to expand ten-fold.  By keeping only what I loved to wear, suddenly I had a spacious closet with room to hang and see and rearrange my clothes. I’m seeing new ways to coordinate colors and styles and feel great in everything I wear because I only kept what truly sparks joy.” L Ferrigno

I had my first session with Tidy Up With Michelle yesterday and I must say it was an awakening…really! We did my walk-in closet and honestly..I found clothes I didn’t even know I had..we purged..we organized.. it was freeing! I recommend Tidy Up With Michelle to anyone who might be downsizing or moving or just might need a little push to ‘clear the clutter’ Thank You Michelle! ML Battles

“It took only a couple of hours to reduce the mess in our dresser drawers and reorganize. We now know what we have and maintaining the organization is easy.” F Bonardi

“Michelle has helped us so very much, we are free of so much clutter and easily organized. Thanks again.” F Bonardi