About Michelle

Excited to help you create a home that you love!

Professional Organizer

Certified KonMari Consultant

Truly a worthwhile endeavor

I have always tried to simplify my life. It wasn’t until I discovered Marie Kondo’s philosophy of decluttering and organization that I truly changed how I manage my home. I love the simplicity it has provided me and my clients in managing our homes and life! 

Michelle's Story

Over the years I have had many enriching careers and hobbies. I am very excited to share my journey, inspired by Mari Kondo and her philosophies of living a life with only the items that you truly love. 

I started decluttering saying to myself, “If I were to move, would I take it with me?” That was very helpful in making some decisions. But, “Does it spark joy”,  that truly helps me with many decisions; what to buy, what to eat, where to go, and what to keep around me in my home.

 Organizing my belongings is even more fun! Now that I am free from the clutter, I can focus on how I want each counter, drawer, bookcase and room to look and feel. Daily maintenance is a quick and easy. 

The result is living in a more relaxed home and  with more time for my personal pursuits.

I truly believe, if you bring peace to your surroundings, you bring peace to yourself.